Dr. Mojtaba Hosseini is an expert in International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics. He has prior experience in designing entrepreneurship programs and advanced courses for academic and executive audience at University of Tehran and Linköping university. As an entrepreneur himself, he has hands-on experience in comprehending day-to-day challenges of startup companies. He has previous established two companies with focus on educating startup businesses. As the CEO and co-founder, he is now leading Aptevoke AB

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Email: mojtaba.hosseini@aptevoke.com

Tel: 0737 48 2284

Dr. Benny Borghei is an expert in the field of Innovation and Technology Management. He has several years of experience at Linköping University, taking various academic assignments such as research education, teaching and supervision of masters students in industrial management as well as institutional activities related to international doctoral candidates in Sweden. He also has prior experience in consulting and business coaching experience at the heart of High-Tech businesses in Sweden. His main areas of specialization are Systems of Innovation, Industry Transformations, Sustainability Transitions, and Knowledge Management. He has 10 years of experience working with applied qualitative methods in business and management disciplines, market-driven innovations, new product development and service innovations enabled by Digitalization and Datacom. As Business Development Manager at Aptevoke he is responsible for market and business development.

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Email: benny.borghei@aptevoke.com

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Hossein Dadfar. PhD

Dr. Hossein Dadfar is Professor Emeritus of Industrial and International Marketing at Linköping University (LiU), Sweden and CEO of the Scandinavian Advanced Management Education & Training –SAMET Academy. He has over 32 years of academic, managerial and consulting experience in three continents- Asia, Europe and North America. He He received his PhD degree in industrial marketing and Lic. in international business from Linkoping University. He is member of the board of directors MEDS Invest International AB and has served as CEO of two companies as well.

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hossein-dadfar

Email: hossein.dadfar@aptevike.com


Nasrin Hosseini, B.Sc.

Nasrin Hosseini, BSc, Nasrin hold a degree in management and education and help Aptevoke AB as administrator.